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Technical and decorative lighting

Martinez Alarcon is a store of technical and decorative lighting in Elche, addressed to the particular and the small installer.

We perform lighting projects, both technical and decorative, customized to each customer and based on their needs and desires.We offer energy efficiency studies for businesses and homes. With this study, we will evaluate the savings and the period in which the investment is amortized.We will give you reliable advice on how you can reduce your costs, saving with efficient lighting systems and with minimum maintenance.We perform both replacement projects for existing systems and new electrical and lighting systems for new or renovation projects.

We distinguish ourselves by working only with leading brands in the lighting sector. Brands recognized worldwide with full guarantees and magnificent finishes. We supply lighting products and offer our customers the service assembly and installation if needed. "Without investments”. Switch to LED technology at 0 costs. We finance projects made-to-measure so that you will pay depending on what you save.

You can visit our facebook to see a wider range of decorative lamps classified by categories and examples of technical lighting.

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