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Multimedia Control

Martinez Alarcon has control products for automating audio, video functions and home automation systems, such as blinds, awnings, lighting or air conditioning. We offer solutions for residential and commercial applications. Our control systems are designed exclusively to meet the needs of professionals while also providing a simplified interface for the end user.

Control of the entire home technology in the palm of your hand.

Martinez Alarcon integrates all your audio and video equipments with the rest of the housing in an easy and intuitive way. Whether from your mobile device or from a universal command, you will have full control with a single element. Multimedia equipment (TV, DVD, BluRay, Home Cinema, multimedia hard drives...) and elements of home automation such as blinds, lighting, air conditioning or automatisms are integrated into a single device.

User interface adapted to the customer and 100% customizable to make it as easy to operate as devices to which we are accustomed.

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