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Motorized Supports

Motorized supports for Tablet:

With motorized supports we can convert our tablet into a fixed touch screen with which we can very comfortably consult our mail, news, reminders, calendar, etc. or even get a point from which to control the entire house while charging the battery.

Motorized supports for TV:

Mechanisms that hide the displays on furniture, walls or ceiling, scroll paintings, screening rooms, etc.

Our range of motorized supports includes mechanisms that allow the most varied movements in any environment: a boat, housing, conference rooms, suites of large hotels or any other context in which combining technology and aesthetics is a necessity.

The possibility of incorporating the screen rotation contributes to the correct view from various angles. The rotation can be manual or electric and can be done with a button, remote control or home automation system through the housing.

Functionality, robustness and ease of usage are the features that help us achieve our goal, to make our customers' lives more comfortable.

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