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All music on the planet:

It may also transfer all your music through your Wi-Fi network: music services like Spotify, Internet radio or your personal music library stored on a computer or NAS drive. Millions of songs. Thousands of radio stations. All your music at your fingertips.

Total control:

With a free application on your Smartphone, Tablet or PC you can transform your device into a powerful remote control with which you can control all your musical universe.

Music anywhere in the house:

Speakers, Hi-Fi components, sound bar or home theater systems: Start with an item and you add more whenever you like. You can combine them to play the same music in every room or different music in every room. You can even create custom zones, pairs of speakers with stereo playback or enjoy music from any Bluetooth device. All through the application.

Visit us and try them:

Find out all about multiroom audio systems by visiting our exposure. Our Audiophiles will explain all the details and will test it live and drive yourself teams.

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