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Advantages of Home Automation


Alert Network

KNX is always alert during the night and when you are out of the home. The intelligent network for home automation connects motion sensors, glass break sensors, cameras etc. You will secure your protection and security day and night with your alarm system, emergency button and your phone.

Quick reply

Do not be caught by surprise. The smoke detector will alert you in case of smoke emission or fire. Similarly, leakage of water or gas are detected and reported immediately, cutting off the supply before any irreparable damage may occur. Even when you are not at home!

Everything under control

Enjoy your holiday without any worries! The security options of KNX can make your home appear inhabited even when no one is inside. Just sit back and relax!


Do not waste your time on time-consuming routine tasks. KNX will be your automatic domestic servant. Indicate the system what you want to control and monitor and it will do the rest and automatically it will show you the results.

To measure

Press a single button to set the light level of any room, lower all the blinds or accommodate the entire stay to watch a movie. And when you have guests, you can define the ambient lighting and music as occasion demands.

What we do, though, must be good

Rest assured beneath the automatic control of lighting, blinds and air conditioning according to light intensity, time of day or the individual needs of each moment. All aspects of housing can be controlled from one place.

See everything at a glance

Control your home from a touch panel or mobile device without moving from room to room and receive the emails or notifications you choose.


Smart Control

Your home manages control elements that contribute to energy savings and you will notice the effects on a financial level.

With KNK, lighting systems and air conditioning will adapt illumination levels, the temperature and the blinds depending on the solar light, changes in external temperature or the presence of people inside the room using the energy of each moment of the day.

Check your spending at any time

Your home will be able to monitor consumption and perform personalized management (consumption by slots, monthly, etc.).

Be aware at all times of energy consumption in your home, thus you can change your habits and increase your savings.

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